Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Water Test – Is It Water Resistant?

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  1. Tengo el mi 9 pro con 256 gb y 8 gigas de ram y es alucinante como va de rapido, si querés que los dueños que tengan un iphone de 1200 dolares pasen verguenza, instalar el navegador Brave y es que literalmente vuela, abre todas las páginas en la mitad de tiempo que el iphone, es una locura.

    Por 450 dólares ya se puede encontrar en muchas tiendas.

  2. I saw in teardowns that it's actually waterproofed to some degree, which is a good thing. While I wouldn't trust my phone enough to dip it in water, but I sometimes use it with wet hands and whatnot. Good to know that it will be fine with a small amount of water and stuff.

  3. I dropped my mi 9t a while ago in a bucket full of water. I picked it up instantly and wiped it with a towel. The phone still works fine. Everything still works fine. The pop-up camera didn't get wet (thank god). I hope no issues will arise in the coming days. (Fingers crossed)

  4. The more deeper you phone in water means more pressure,more pressure mean it will push the water resistance thing and the water will get .So it depends on the deep of the water . (dont trust your phone waterproof rating)

  5. There is a video where Jerryrig took it apart and he found water resistant seals everywhere so it is kind of. Also, I read Xiaomi did not want to pay the water resistant certification of this movil phone to offer it cheaper but they included the seals, though.

  6. I'm really surprised the phone works after being left under water that long, my Galaxy S10+ broke when it got rained on. Also surprised the display responded to your touch without drying it off

  7. I accidentally drop it at laundry today, And i picked it up immediately, wipe it , dry it off and took my sim card out, Then i let it rest for like mins , then i opened it again , Everythings ok , Hope Nothing happens.

  8. I dropped my T9 Pro for one second to water and wiped it right away. It was good for 4 days until pixels turned purple and then black (expanding like cancer). After 3 days the screen got completely black.
    I wonder if for fixing this I need a new screen or just cleaning? And what other repairs I should also expect…

  9. I lost my jacket and Mi 9T Pro in the mountains, in the middle of a field, while hiking. There was a rainstorm and it was pouring rain like crazy the whole day. I found the jacket more than 24h later, completely drenched (jacket is not waterproof). The phone was inside the pocket, wet, but working completely fine. It's been 2 days now, still no problems whatsoever. I am amazed.

  10. Definitely not waterproof. I accidentally dropped it into shallow water and it died a few minutes later. I removed the glued back to check out the damage and there was a lot of water inside. it looked to me like it entered around the edges of the camera module.

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