World's Best Smartphones – NIGHT MODE TEST

iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Huawei P40 Pro vs OnePlus 8 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro vs Redmi K30 Pro camera test night mode camera test …



  1. Samsung's night mode is just DISGUSTING! Way way way too much sharpening.

    I was actually impressed by OnePlus's night mode, it's great actually! This is very impressive because Nightscape used to be horrible in the past.

    It's a shame that only Samsung and Huawei offer the night mode on the front camera though :/

  2. RYYB = Inconsistent Color Rendering. It can be worst or best in most situation.
    Nowaday all flagship smartphone sensor size are nearly 1".
    Why Huawei still try to use RYYB? All competitors have night mode that made image quality is very close.

    color rendering issue from RYYB is about 1year and they can't fix it…

  3. Kindly do a detailed review( Display, UI, Performance/Speed, Battery Drain/Charge , Speaker , Network speed/Download and Camera optics (Video /Photo/Daylight/indoor/Low-light/Wide angle/Telephoto/Macro/portrait /Selfie camera ) For Mi 10/Mi10 Pro : 1+8 Pro : Oppo Find X2 pro : Poco F2 pro
    It will help lot of people in India to buy phone at 50K range
    Thanks in advance

  4. Much people are complaining that Pixel isn't here. Well, it takes awesome photos but you have to understand, what's pixel market expression? close to nothing. It sells almost nothing. Apart from enthusiasts like us, normal people don't buy the pixel. They rather go to the store and buy a samsung, a huawei, an iphone etc

    A lot of average people doesn't even know google has a phone LOL
    Google has to step up their game in the marketing and availability if it wants to become a "big dog". It has to sell Pixel in the physical stores, big outdoors, ads in the tv etc

  5. Samsung : Detailed sometimes. Captures adequate light. Great with colors.
    One plus: Detailed most of the times and saturated pictures. Artificial colors sometimes. Fairly grainish pics.
    Mi 10 pro/K30 pro: Does good with details. Good at auto night mode. Fairly grainish, blurish at night shots while backgrounds overly exposed. Can't do night mode shots via ultra wide.
    P40 pro: Sometimes captures great details. Colors seem washed out. Slightly grainish.
    Iphone: Good selfies.

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