Can #UmidigiBISON survive from the various accidental drops? #AlwaysBeWinner Check out the video. Buy now, 30 Winners Giveaway, …



  1. Umidigi just needs to learn how to support his consumers, I bought an F2 the same with 1 month of use presented a problem with the speaker I cannot record or listen to anything in any application I have already sent a message for warranty and support and never answer little case with the consumer unfortunately


  2. something seems odd about this, First half of the video shows the person dropping the non bison phone hitting the ground and getting damaged each time . When you did the same test again dropping the BISON phone only a few clips showed it hitting the ground. For example one clip shows it hitting the concrete on its back side, person picks it up in a way to not reveal the back to see if it survived or not. the drop test on the stairs we never actually see it hit the stairs it cuts to someone picking it up then when someone tries to hand it to the other person it falls but we don't see it hitting the ground it cuts to someone picking it up. Did the phone actually get damaged from those tests and replaced with a dummy phone ?

  3. I warn you before buying products from this manufacturer.

    I bought smartphone, after some time the defect of the lenses I noticed. The official shop on the Aliexpres website does not want to make warranty repair, does not read the messages sent. Servis Umidigi does not want to pursue this matter. Claims that it is not their competence. Sends me link to the regulations, warranty repair terms as. However, in these regulations, point 4 clearly states that when buying from their dealer (such is the shop on Aliexpres where the purchase was made), Umidigi is decisive in the dispute with the store. The case has been going on for a long time, no will to repair under warranty. The scammers, dishonest company, I feel cheated and robbed. I advise against buying in this company, this whole company is one big theft, fraud.

  4. Реальное бы падение показали. А то телефон падает, а следующий кадр уже когда подымают с земли. Надеюсь что он притивоударный, но реклама фуфло.

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