Ulefone Armor 6E Durability Test! IP68 certified outdoor smartphone.

As an unstopptable rugged smartphone, the Ulefone Armor 6E is certified to the highest rating of IP68,IP69K, MIL-STD-810G. Today, we did a durability test of …



  1. I just bought the regular armor 6 and had a screen issue however It is being replaced by vendor . I would be glad to do a torture real world test in the USA with the USA non eu version just for fun. Do a full salt water test at the lake

  2. this is the worst phone branding, they never care about their customers, it's the worst experience ever, wasting of money..

    i bought a ulefone armor 5 from 2-3 month ago, and once i tried it in water as a main feature that i bought it for "Waterproof Rugged Smartphone" water got inside due to manufactur defects!!

  3. Um vídeo incrível.

    Não sei com a ulefone trabalha tão bem em um celular e tão ruim em outros.

    Comprei o ulefone Power 2 já quebrou pela segunda vez a tela.

    O celular está esquentando muito e com alguns componentes sem funcionar.

    Fiquei muito decepcionado com essa compra.

    Não irei arriscar mais qualquer investimento na empresa.

    Realmente chateado.

  4. This is most definitely a testimony to how tough Gorilla Glass 5 is when mounted in a proper housing. I have owned this phone for a week now and the only complaint I have is the installed Android 9.0.
    I love the phone and could be a tad bit heavy for many. It is a rugged phone with some great features. Especially the UV sensor. I live in the Caribbean and this is a real nice add on that they thought to include.
    Owww and one last thing that is becoming a problem with this phone is that everyone who i told about before I got it are all fixated at throwing it off the roof to see how she will fair. I kid you not. It seems to be a urge for women to test this phone and try and break it. So I hold the phone in the air and say… Ladies back off, you can't throw the phone like the vids do so back off or I will give this damn phone away.

  5. My phone from the third month started to have screen problems, without any kind of drop. The screen constantly freezes and makes it difficult to use the phone. I did a hard and factory reset and it didn't solve my problem. I have been trying to contact the ulefone service (as banggood only gives me the option to send the phone for warranty and I don't want to be without it for 2 months) and after several attempts, in which I only received automatic messages, I received a unclear message where should indicate the data from my mobile phone. I must mention that after almost 2 months and dozens of messages, the ulefone only answered me once! A shame!!! I do not recommend buying any mobile phone of this brand

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