Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ hands-on: An Android 2-in-1 with bombastic specs

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are the first 5G tablets in the US. Read our full story on Engadget: …



  1. I like both the iPads and Samsung. Believe it or not, you can like both. Apple created the tablet market and rules it no doubt. Samsung has a great tablet here and introduced stylus and multitasking to mobile devices that both Android and iOS copied.
    Samsung also made larger tablets first and the edges on this tablet are a throwback to the tab S3, not a copy of the iPad. These accusations of copying are arguments that can be proven true on both sides.

    Can we just be glad that there's new competition in this market that will push both companies to give us better devices without feeling the need to assert our personal preferences as the definitive authority on what choice is better or worse?

    iPad and iOS are great but not perfect. Neither is this tablet. They will both have shortcomings and each individual buyer will get what best suits their needs. That personal decision shouldn't be a judgement or indictment against those who choose something that suits their needs when that choice is different from our own.

  2. Bonjour
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  3. are you blind? there's an X button in the corner of every window for closing it. it's been there for years.

    Most likely an apple mac user who is used to everything being in the upper left corner with the traffic lights, and unaware of the windows X, _ and square buttons.

    Going to tell Youtube not to recommend this channel to me.

  4. When it comes to Android. She put the C in condescending. Miss android bias. She doesn't even know how the function keys work and yet criticizes their lack of operation. Great but, sharp but improved but. Yes but, no but, yes but no.

  5. I use tablets for media consumption (streaming videos and reading ebooks/comics), so the S7+ OLED screen won me away from my iPad Pro 11". My preordered S7+ arrives this week!

  6. There "aren't buttons to close windows"?? Get off your Apple junk; believe it or not, the X's in the top right corner of each window (as displayed in your video above) are actually buttons, and they close the respective windows.

  7. 3:14 Huh? You been blind to the X mark on the floating windows all these years? That's literally a button to close the window. Or you clueless that Alt + F4 closes windows via the keyboard?

    3:18 Sounds like you're clueless of the 3-finger trackpad swipe-down gesture to show the Desktop, then swipe up to restore your previously open windows.

  8. It shows the insecurity of Samsung Tab users that they're so quick to take offense to an excellent review! I thought she made a great case for the tablet. While I prefer my iPad Pro (I’m using Scribble right now!), I will absolutely be recommending this device to my Android-inclined friends. I will caution them to steer clear of the fanboys, though, as the loud minority makes for the worst part of the user experience

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