PLAY TEST! FreeSync + NVIDIA GPUs on the NEW LG 34GK950F Ultrawide Monitor

PLAY TEST! FreeSync + NVIDIA GPUs on the NEW LG 34GK950F Ultrawide Monitor ⇨ Sponsor: Cooler Master SK650 and SK630 …



  1. Hey Paul ! What are you thoughts on not having full gsync? I have an RTX 2080 and like this monitor but am hesitant about buying a adaptive or freesync monitor rather than paying for Gsync.

  2. Just came across this as I was looking to pick this up. And at 9:06 you didn't "Enable settings for the selected display model" Mean's Gsync wasn't on. You can see afterwards at 9:27 when you go through the door, there's screen tearing.

  3. I have been using a LG 34UM69G. Driving off of a msi 1660ti and a 8600k. It only clocks to 75hz w/o any kind of over clock but it has been a flawless experience and I love LGs color production. I've been gaming on it with no issues and just wonderful speakers on this display too, but Currently I have just jumped to a 2080ti. So I am unsure what monitor to pair with it my new card. Thanks for posting this. definitely considering this display. Take it easy Paul and tell Kyle to stop being a Kyle.

  4. Bought this monitor for work and gaming (Radeon 5700XT). It’s absolutely phenomenal, particularly because I switched from a regular desktop 60hz monitor from 2015. It’s definitely something else. Definitely looking forward to navi 2 to crank my pc even further to its limits and hit that 100+ average with this monitor.

  5. My gaming monitor is a 24" 60hz 1920×1200 and my work monitor is a 4k 24" Dell. Will be upgrading to UW as soon as one ticks all the boxes (120hz+, 1440p, IPS, Adaptive sync) at a price where i don't have to sell my kidney to buy it!

  6. why the fuck do they have to make all the high end monitors curved… I don't want curved. I want natural rectilinear projection. Curved literally does nothing to improve your experience.

  7. Why do companies add speakers to monitors like this. If you're buying a $1000 monitor, chances are you have at least a $200 pair of speakers, or headset of some sort. Save a few bucks and some weight and remove those things

  8. I planned on going all out on a PC, about $2k+, not including things like a $1K monitor, although I suppose it's like building a high end sports car… to support an item, you need this and to support that, you need the other thing…..

    Once you have jumped off the champion 27-metre-high (89 ft) diving board, you can't decide mid-air to rethink it…otherwise, there will be no glorious non-splash. 😉

    Get my point?

    In any case, budgets are the final arbitrator, buy what you can safely afford.

    All the best.


  9. 60" plasma tv. Input latency is relatively high, but the picture quality and colors are amazing, and I got used to the input latency in about a week of use; it does affect some FPS gaming experiences more than others, but unless you're pvping competitively, it's fine.

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