Monitortest G245H acer

Bildschirmtest acer G245H mit amBX ambilight von phillips

song: Azure – Paul Kalkbrenner



  1. Hehe this is my center monitor of 3, 2x 22" acer P224W's on each side of my G245H, although I can say you have a little bit more backlight bleeding on the bottom than I do ;O mine only is at the middle of the bottom and a bit shorter , barely noticeable I guess XD

    Although the gloss screen can be annoying sometimes ;p

  2. @key0bb No they are not, they are by far the best looking. You can only see reflection if your looking for it. I absolutely love this screen, it looks just as good as my $4500 plasma, gloss ftw.

  3. What about the colors? Any problems with colors? Washed out etc. Bought Dell U2312HM and have headache and eyes always tired. Want change on this. Give me please advice as soon as possible.

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