Lenovo LT1423p Portable USB Wacom Pen Display Sketch Test

A quick sketch test of Lenovo’s LT1423p USB Pen Display using Manga Studio 5 on a Sony laptop (ULV Core i5). One of my students asked for a laptop and tablet recommendation so he ended up getting this combo. I got to do a quick test during class when he brought it in for be to check it out.

This version is the $450 battery-less SKU.

Because there is no Wintab driver available for this monitor, you need to use art program that uses Microsoft’s built in tablet API in Windows, such as Manga Studio 5, Sketchbook Pro 6, or Art Rage. Out of those choices, Manga Studio 5 (a.k.a. Clip Studio Paint) is clearly the best.

DISCLAMER: Not my laptop, nor LT1423p, so don’t ask too many Qs, including requests for more videos. Beyoncé wallpaper can squarely be blamed on the owner of the laptop (my student).



  1. show master,
    just wondering and asking for your opinion on what I should for a drawing tablet, Labtop, tablet PC.
    I do draw quite a lot and grown quite a liking to the Galaxy Note 10.1, drawing straight on the display.
    I have a 3000$ budget on what to buy.
    im looking at customizing T902 but curious to know if theres a better options.
    (and on top of that an all round powerful computer)

  2. I lack so much knowledge on the subject

    Im just attempting to run a web comic with some friends
    well also I do need a new computer/labtop
    I find that the most promising T902 to fit needs but pricey.
    Im looking at
    core I7
    16g ram
    256g SSD
    which whoops dynamicly over the budget.
    But would it be worth the extra penny?
    or is it much different in performance
    from the Surface pro 2 or other options you have come crossed.

    just wanting to know if its worth to throwing some hard earned money

    I do like the Surface pro but I feel That I just want a powerful computer that I wont need to upgrade from.

  3. Did the second button (if applicable) or eraser work with that stylus on the lt1423p?

    I've got one of these tablets (I've got a review on youtube) but the second button and eraser of a Fujitsu pen I've tried does not work on the tablet.

    PS: the 7.1.2 WinTab (Wacom Feel) driver ( ) works with this tablet.

  4. It's a freaking awesome (and relatively inexpensive) piece of kit. BUT I can't get my eraser working even after downloading the latest Feel driver. Not a huge deal in PS since I can just use the hotkey, but it's annoying in Sketckbook Pro. 

  5. The end of the video was hilarious. That guy in the background was pretty ticked off. Good demo though. Looks like you can do decent line work with it, but i would like to see how it does with painting.

  6. this is quite a nice solution, without spending a lot  of moeny on convertible, and can choose utlrabook, normal laptop, or gaming laptop all under your control and use the drawing interface when u actually need it!

  7. Too bad that the pen input with this one is crap. I had to play around with the config file to find out that the input values are switched around. I eventually got values to work that I have at least some pen pressure sensitivity…

  8. hey guys, im looking for a tablet for note taking in class, aiming light weight and long lasting battery. However, if possible i would also like to draw wif it (mostly using photoshop). So am I looking at the right machine?

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