iPhone 12 Pro Max review: the best smartphone camera

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max is the biggest iPhone you can buy — and it comes with an impressive camera to match. In this review, we go into detail about the …



  1. Are you seriously telling me that the camera is better ? In almost all of the pictures you put up there, you can't tell the 12 Pro max is better.
    If you use note 20 ultra regular mode and take the low light shot, it would gather more light than 12 Pro max. And, don't tell me they automatically switched to low light. Last year, I guarantee you the iPhone 11 pro series didn't switch to night sight a lot of times. But you went to darker environments just to get the night sight to get the shot. Why not keep it even for all phones?

  2. Great review, thank you. I’ve got a 12 Pro Max on order and it arrives Friday. The real-world reviews are just coming out and I’m gobbling them up. I kind of have pre-buyer’s remorse. You review hit every one of my questions. I sold a very good small mirrorless camera to offset the price because I found that I just don’t need it anymore because I’m not going anywhere anymore. So why not have a super camera in my phone for those times where I really do need one? Anyway, your thoughts and analysis are spot on and I appreciate them. I also appreciate your presentation. Some tech reviewers think they need to be a showman vs. doing what you do — just talking like you were with a friend vs. being on camera.

  3. This man raised a very important point that pre covid the 12 pro max would have brought about a plethora of added benefits in comparison to what most of us currently have in our pockets, but nowadays I'm wfh, no commute, not going out and in the UK we don't know when this will end, so why would I spend extra cash for a phone that I won't get my moneys worth with?

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