HyperX PulseFire Haste Review – Best Budget Gaming Mouse!

Today we are taking a look at a mouse from HyperX which is called the Pulsefire Haste. It features a lightweight design only coming in at 59g as well as a …



  1. Awesome video! Also if I may suggest a headset. The turtle beaches stealth 600 gen 2. Im contemplating whether to buy it or not and when I look at these other youtubere reviews they tend to expand the video more then it needs to be just for some revenue. ❤️

  2. Would you say It is better or "worse" in comparison with the Razer Viper Mini?
    Currently im using the Viper Mini and it's excelent, but due to some problems i think i'll have to sell It :/, do you think It would be hard for me to get used to Haste's shape and size? (I'm a fingertip grip player with tiny hands)
    I actually like the idea of buying the Haste because of the HyperX's excelent RMA service, and because of the fact that i have an HyperX Kb (Origins Core), but i'm worried about not getting used to it's shape and having to change it one more time..
    What do you think about all of this? I apologize for the holy bible i'd just wrote you lol

  3. Hello and I just wanted to say a couple of things. I loved your review, I ordered the mouse and I’m eating for it to come. Also, how do you keep motivated while making YouTube videos. And you are very amazing, you gained a new subscriber

  4. Thanks for uploading, was looking for a review of this mouse.

    I may get one aswell since the shape looks comfy and I want to get rid of my muscle tension in my thumb from my Viper Ultimate O_o

  5. my hands are 18×10 cm and i use the steelseries sensei 310, do you think this mouse could be good for me? i really don't like the cable and the weight from the sensei and i'd like to change the mouse

  6. Which mouse would you say it's closest to shape wise? I see it has more height than the other mice in its range, like the Model O and Viper, so it looks to be a taller light ambi mouse. Is that about right?

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