Google Pixel 5 – Battery Drain Test

Google Pixel 5 – battery drain / discharge test (on WiFi) with additional battery life results from daily usage (WiFi & 4G); Tested smartphone: Google Pixel 5 5G …



  1. Nice video man thank you for in depth battery test, I wonder how much better this endurance would be with ‘dark mode’ turned on.. wow. Should get at least another 1 hour SOT which is amazing cos I always have dark mode on both for aesthetics and battery

  2. As a new Pixel 5 owner myself, I can testify that these results are very accurate! Google made a great decision to add a 4080mAh battery to this phone! I don't play games nor do I do a lot of video recording, and I have yet to finish a day (5am to 10pm) with less than 45% battery, and that is being completely honest.

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