Every other monitor is DEAD to me – LG CX OLED 48"

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  1. I have a Philips BDM4037UW 40" 4K curved monitor at home. It has just enough of a curve to be perfect, sitting 20-25" away. Sitting to close to a big screen that is not curved, is hard work…

  2. Dear Linus, iam from indonesia and i was 10 years old, maybe you dont see this because iam just a normal subscriber but if you see this i very want an gaming pc because my parent cant buy me a pc sparepart,
    My house: palembang-jepang'st-villa gardena 3-house number c25

  3. Don't know if I missed it but I don't think he mentioned the current G-sync bug with c9/c10 displays and 3080s/3090s. If you want to buy one be aware you can't use G-sync currently and LG aren't planning on releasing a patch for another 1-2 months.

  4. Yeah, I went to one of my mom's friends house, and they had a Windows XP machine hooked up to a like 40-50 inch rear projection tv, and my brother and I played Neopets on it. The resolution was so piss poor that text was just unreadable. FULL STOP unreadable. Still thought it was cool as hell though.

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