Canon 7d with the LILLIPUT field monitor test and Review I Searched all over the net for a review of the Lilliput monitor used as a field monitor for the Canon 7d, and i found nothing.



  1. I sure hope this works with the Nikon D3100. Because I already purchased it. I was able to hook my Nikon D3100 up to my 42" HD TV, but when I tried to do it to my laptop there is nothing. I searched over and over on the Internet and there really is nothing that I saw that supports my camera which sucks. However, reason I ordered this is because I took a chance since it did work on my TV. I have another question, but will make another comment.

  2. I was wondering what audio equipment could I use that is inexpensive to hook up directly to my Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera? I was wondering if audacity would do the job? If so, what hook up would I need. Any suggestions would be most helpful. As I would love to hear my audio as well as see my video while filming.

  3. You bring up a very good point about focus and few of the "new" generation really understand the concept in today's LEDs world. To begin with this is why to a great extent most professionals still prefer to "pull" focus in monochrome. I see a ton of people that try and use "clues" in their videos and wind up with various elements in focus but sadly not the important ones. If you need an example watch most nightly network news field interviews.

  4. I'm using a 7d and this monitor… Is there a way I can have the image take up the entire monitor screen…. It seems like I either get a 4×3 image within a box or a 16×9 within a box…. which is not much larger than the lcd screen on the 7d!!!!

  5. do you know of any way to get dual video output with these lcd? I'd like to use the lcd for the person pulling focus while I use the back of the camera's lcd to frame the shot. Is this even possible?

  6. I have my canon 7D connected to the same monitor but I can't view the full screen like you do on your video. It is set at the largest scene size on the Lilliput and I can't get rid of the Camera's settings display on the monitor either. Can you help? Thank you for all that you do brother.

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