Apple iPhone 12 Mini review: Small and fast, but doesn't last

The Apple iPhone 12 Mini is the first flagship-quality small phone we’ve seen in a while. For about $100 less than a standard iPhone 12, you get a device that …



  1. According to Apple specs the battery is rated higher than any iPhone prior to the iPhone XR and that includes the XS (ties with XS Max) and all the Plus phones. It's interesting because when those phones came out I don't remember people complaining about the bad battery life.

  2. Everyone now a days carries a charger in every car and in nearly every outlet at home this is nothing to be worried about I think we all kill our phones 2 or 4 times daily and we know better than to think these last all day.

  3. If your job is reviewing tech, the iPhone Mini wasn’t made for you. If you know the subtle differences between the iPhone 12 and S20 cameras, the iPhone Mini wasn’t made for you. This phone is for people that are still hanging on to an OG iPhone SE, because we want a phone that comfortably fits in one hand and just about any pocket. It’s for people that will actually be getting a bigger battery because they haven’t upgraded their phone in 4 years. It’s for people that don’t understand why phones keep getting bigger even though our hands are still the same size as they were when the 5s was designed to be used one handed.

  4. I am not sure if this is because people love Apple… But when pixel 4 had a bad battery life, it was raged all over the place. Ok, i get it… Battery life should be at least up for a day of usage… And pixel 4 didn't have excuses to have such terrible battery life… BUT… I think tech companies reached a barrier that kinda limits the size of a tech… Battery takes too much space on the hardware… And it hinders to have a different size factor. IMO, tech companies have been focusing wrongly… They want to go focusing on screen mostly, so there was a lot of efforts to get foldables, 120hz… But battery hasn't changed much for quite a while, and it needs a lot of study. Techs have been consistently tried to mitigate this issue by using software to keep the consumption low… But let's face it… We need better hardware to step into a new game… By decreasing battery size, camera system could increase their lens size… Audio… Smaller form factors… Newer features… Etc… Imo… Battery will be the next step for mobile companies… That would be the best choice for decreasing the size…. Right now… I see just a great phone, with a poor battery… And… If tech companies start to go that way… We will surely see more mini phones coming out, with poor battery… And imo… This is more a step back than going forward. This is not something that wasn't achievable a couple of years ago… But comp would just not do it, because people gave more priority to battery life than size… To reduce the battery to achieve a better size, is to think too little on how to really solve a problem.

  5. How apple could've made the mini:
    2-3mm thicker with room for a better battery
    Thicker phone means no camera bump
    Add touch id to the side like the ipad air
    Remove face id and lower the cost to 499 or 599

    With this we could settle somewhere between an SE and a 12 which would make it the most successful iphone ever made

  6. Battery packs from ankers can cost $20 and most people who have cars can charge their phones there. I'd rather have a small phone I dunno. I went for the s10 instead of the s10e and I regret.

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