5000mAh toughscreen smartphone-AllCall S1 new duration test

AllCall S1 comes with 5000mAh large battery and 5.5″ fullscreen made by dual glass coating, pretty durable both in battery life and screen hardness, along with …



  1. my sister bought one of your mobile phone..and the lagging issues are so bad..for me its the worst…freaking shit..when using wifi to download,the wifi icon disappear and can't download an back for your shitty product

  2. A question for users. Do you noticed 'xulu sale apk' as a system app? I had this kind of app on my Allcall madrid but after an update they removed it. What is purpose of this app? Is allcall S1 a android GO version? Thanks. I want to buy this phone.

  3. My S1 fell off my desk (75cm) and broke the display glass, where do I get another one for exchange? It is gold in color, and the paint on the metal casing part is all worn out, what kind of paint do you use to paint it?
    Follow my email to contact:

  4. please kindly provide the previous version in case of an error I see that many report problem with the AllCall S1X

    I need this version

    ALLCALL S1 X Official firmware – V1.3_20180912

    Thank you very much in advance

  5. I have my allcall s1, but theres a problem. It consumes a lot of storage and also, the battery depletes faster sometimes and the screen? It sometimes selects apps randomly even though i am clicking the other app

    For example, i am going to youtube, since chrome is beside youtube when i clicked on youtube, it clicks the chrome. BTW my hands are not wet

  6. Allcall smartphone s1 e toque na tela para ativar o recurso certo Ele fica louco para nada ajuda Eu não liga e não tem resposta do fabricante para exibir ou clinicar sem dar pelo mesmo uma resposta muito triste não é recomendável

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